AzaniaZulu Apparel was born out of love and passion for Africa. Youthful,
urban and revolutionary, AzaniaZulu was founded by a young creative,
Sindi Buthelezi, who seeks to use clothing as a model of expressionism, to
instill positivity, revive creativity and to rebuild Africa.

Based in Pretoria - South Africa, AzaniaZulu Apparel caters for men, women &
children. With its urban and youthful flair, it has become one of the most
respected brands among the urban youths due to the unique products the
brand offers. Products ranging from t-shirts, vests, golf shirts, scarves,
ponchos, shorts, sweaters, bags including many accessories to choose from.

The brand has exhibited in both local and international shows such as the Rand
Easter Show, SAITEX (Southern African International Trade Exhibition), Arnold
Classic Africa Sporting Event, Africa Day Celebrations and many local markets.

AZANIA - Hebrew word meaning ‘God Hears’
ZULU - Zulu word meaning ‘Heaven’
AZANIAZULU = The Heavens Hear