1. Very important, you need to have a passport whenever you plan to visit a foreign country.
  2. Bottled water is of huge necessity to carry as the safety of tap water can never be guaranteed.
  3. Getting travel insurance is highly advised.
  4. It is common sense that one must carry their own cosmetics, (soap, shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and paste, insect repellent and sunscreen - depending on the season of the year and where they are going). You also can pack a mini medical kit if need be.
  5. You may also want to bring along a camera, cellphone and other electronics which you feel you might need.
  6. Do not forget to take clothes which will accommodate the weather you will be travelling to. Dress modestly, cover yourself.
  7. When it comes to money, one has an option to carry cash, travel checks and/or an ATM card. Try and get familiar with that specific country’s currency and with the exchange rate.
  8. Know which main language(s) are spoken where you’re going and learn a few words of especially greetings.
  9. Do not worry about what you will eat when you get to the place, food is an important source in getting to know a people’s culture.
  10. Last but not least, do not forget to always take along a good attitude and a brain as these prove to be extremely essential and helpful when travelling.

For information on visas and vaccinations, please see following PDF and or MS WORD document taken from GSA online website:


Visa and Vaccination Guide


Visa and Vaccination Guide



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