Loving Africa and Embracing Her


Today it gives me joy

To fully speak about the continent I love

Today I love and embrace Africa and I

Fully submit myself to be Her lover.

A lover of a continent so rich in culture,

Natural resources and history.

A lover of a continent whose beauty is

Yet to be realized and embraced.


Ruin, rape, exploitation, humiliation

Colozination, she has overcome.

Wounded and bruised, She has healed.

Beautifully She rises and flourishes,

Leaving us all in awe and amazed,

Like a stone rejected by the builders,

She has become a chief cornerstone.

Polished and untouched,

Her Beauty remains unmatched.


Allow me to eternally love and embrace Africa

To travel and gaze upon Her breathtaking landscapes

To be one with Her forgotten and forsaken children

Today I love and embrace Africa.

South Africa Lesotho