Me: Greetings Africa
Africa: Do not address me in a language that is not known to me.

Me: Sawubona Africa
Africa: Yebo

Who is Africa?
I am an endless poem. I am earth, water, wind and fire. I am the four seasons. The mother who bore kings and queens, the spirit of dreams lies within me. I am a never ending journey. I am the bosom of life; I have breastfed nations and at my feet told many stories. I am an ancient wonder never to be understood for I carry secrets not of this realm. I am the giant of giants, although proclaimed as dark there is an abundance of light in me not yet discovered. My children know not much of who I really am. They have forsaken me and have dwelled desolate lands and have sold their inheritance to strangers. I am wise but youthful. I have imprinted a birthmark on each of my children and when you look deep into their eyes you’ll see me. Child, I’m a wonder like the crocket road on the human brain. I am a land so beautiful but yet shamed by many. I mothered all that there is in the world but today I am neglected and despised by the same children I bore.  I bore all the children who have built nations far afield and near but today I am neglected and despised by the very same.

What does your name mean and where did you get it from?
The origins of the name Africa, has been difficult to elucidate and has sparked debate among many scholars and historians. Africa comes from a Greek word Aphrike meaning "without cold". It was given to me by people who knew little of me and decided to use a definition as my identity.

So, what is your real name then?
I relate more to Alkebulah but I once have been called Ithiopia, Azania, and Pangea
How old are you?
Child, I am youthful yet as old as the stars. They say age comes with wisdom, but I say it comes with experience not wisdom. I was carved with it in a place not known to man.  I have seen the rise and fall of the tallest and strongest trees. I have lived to see my children flourish and perish. I have suffered exploitation, neglect, rape but still I stand for I am the root of everything that lives on my soil.

Do you have a future?
My future will only be determined by time and the decisions my children will take. It is all in their hands for I am only the giver and holder of great wealth; my children are the heirs. Like all living beings, I have a bright future and it will only be brought to life once my children realise and know their worth.

What is your wish?
I wish for all peoples to come together and realise that we need one another.

Are you angry at what's been done to you?
Anger eats up the host, so I decide to forgive but never forget. Anger has never been a virtue to anyone; to me it is a foolish man’s attitude. And yes, what happens on my land saddens me but I am an old soul and I will endure.

What is your message to your children?
“Come back children and come drink of me and quench your thirst. This is where your heart beats; this is where the African drums beat. Come back to where you left your footprints. Come back and remember who you are, claim back what is rightfully yours. Come back to your Mother. Realise that there is strength in Unity.”

South Africa Lesotho