“Until the lions tell their story, the tales will always glorify the hunter.” - African Proverb

Peace and thank you for visiting the AzaniaZulu Travel website, Your Gateway to Africa. My name is Sindi Buthelezi and I am a traveller. I have travelled and self-funded all my trips in 10 African countries, i.e., Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Swaziland, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa and counting. I started travelling outside of my country, South Africa, using both public and private transport in 2006 and have not looked back ever since.

My love for travelling sprang from inquisitiveness and curiosity on what was beyond our borders and also from the undying love I have for the African continent. During my travels I have learnt that Africa is not what the media usually portrays it to be i.e. being entirely poverty and disease-stricken, aid-dependant and a hopeless continent with no future.


Africa’s beauty, richness of culture, interconnectedness of the people, and breath-taking landscapes surpasses that which has been fed to us in a continued subliminal fashion in the media, thus giving me reasons enough to want to share my story and travel experiences with others.


I believe travelling opens one’s mind to what is really going in the world; it serves as a tool to create long-lasting cross-border relationships/ friendships and enlightens an individual about who they are and where they come from.

My feet have crossed the ever-crowded Nakonde border of Tanzania, my hands have shook the hands of the poor but wise people of Kibera, I have shared meals with the elders under the shimmering African sky in Aswan,  I have seen beauty beyond description in Maputo, I have stood at the foot/plains of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and marvelled at their magnificence, I have ridden a camel  over the hot Egyptian desert and gaze in awe at the majestic man-made mountains of Giza, the cooling showers of Mosi-oa-Tunya have run down my back as I wondered “Why Victoria?!”, I heard echoes from my ancestors at Isandlwana gently whispering “Africa will be great again”, the eyes of mine have witnessed the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean kiss at the Cape Point and they also have peeped through the aeroplane window to see the tip of Julius Nyerere’s Mt. Kilimanjaro as if affirming to me that “Uhuru is Possible!” But, just like many, I am trapped in this paradox, how can Africa be so poor but yet so rich?!

Often I would ponder what the future of Africa is?! In all honesty, till today, I do not know what the future of Africa is but I do know that it depends on either the passivity or the activity of the African youth and I choose be on the ACTIVE side. The idea, for me, is to see more people (especially the youth of Africa) travel their own continent, in that way we achieve a goal of having a people who are conscious about who they are and who really Africa is. The more I travel, the more I fall in love with the Creator and Africa and I have had a hard time to comprehend why most do not treasure the Beauty that has been entrusted to us. Africa is beautiful and forever will be.

Most would argue that travelling makes one vulnerable but, to me, with vulnerability comes the beauty of learning new things and also the realization of the interconnectedness of our people. We have to learn to let go of fear and learn to follow our dreams, no matter how daring they may be.

I am busy writing and in a process of publishing a book about my travels and it is my utmost dream to have it become a tool to encourage others to travel our beautiful continent and land. Beyond the grave are so many unfulfilled hopes, abandoned dreams and untold stories, I refuse to be one of those who betrayed their generation by not sharing their story and thus inspiring them to reach their higher selves. My dream has and will always be to see Africa flourish and Her people prosper.

If there’s ever that one thing you wish/ed to do for Africa, I urge you to travel Her. Book that bus, fly on that plane, ride that taxi, train, bicycle, and explore. Never miss a chance to travel because it’s a remarkable world out there and it is waiting for you to discover it and in return you will discover yourself.  Let us travel and share our own stories, lest we forever remain lions.

Ngiyabonga ~ Thank You ~ Asante. Live and Let Live – John C. Celes

South Africa Lesotho